For even the Son of Man came not to be served, but to serve...

Mark 10:45

Volunteering is a vital role of each and every believer in Christ and member of the church. There are many places within the body of Christ to serve through volunteering. We look forward to seeing how each member of the body uses his or her gifts to help in serving the Kingdom.

Volunteer Leaders


Our team of ushers and greeters are vital to the work and ministry at Farmstead Baptist. From the time someone comes on our campus until they leave our desire through this team is to welcome all to our gathering.


Our team of volunteers in the sound booth are an amazing group of leaders. Week in and week out they give their time to present the gospel in the most fluid and vivid way through our podcast and livestream.

Serve in our church

Use your unique gifts to help build the Kingdom.

To serve in our church we believe you first need a relationship with Jesus Christ. Our love for others and our desire to serve others will come from the overflow of love shown unto us by Jesus. Our desire is to empower each individual believer to find their place in serving the Kingdom of God through Farmstead.

Volunteer FAQ

How do I volunteer?

Our leadership is on campus each and every Sunday that can direct you to whom you need to speak to make your availability known for serving. By leadership getting your information and hearing your passion, they can work to find the best place for you to use your gifts and talents for the kingdom while at Farmstead.

How do I volunteer with kids?

Bro. Tim NeSmith is our children's pastor and he loves kids, but he also loves his children's ministry volunteers! For someone to volunteer with our children, they must undergo a background check because our kids safety is of utmost importance! Bro Tim would definitely allow someone to serve who loves Jesus, loves kids, and meets the requirements to serve children in a safe environment.

How do I volunteer with music?

Our worship team that leads each week. You may speak to any that are leading from the stage or our pastor about how God may use you through music while at Farmstead Baptist Church. They desire to glorify God by leading songs that are multi-generational. They practice from 7:30-8:30pm on Wednesdays.

How do I volunteer with students?

We have a team of volunteers to care and organize ministry and fellowship activities. For someone to volunteer with our students, one must undergo a background check because the safety of our students is a top priority. Volunteers are encouraged to be present in the lives of students through Wednesday Bible Study, student activities, and events.

Questions about volunteering?

We love to clarify volunteering requirements. Please reach out if you still have questions.